Bible Talk Series

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Matthew 18:15-20 – If your Brother Sins…


Churches have been known to apply badly the words of Jesus in Matthew 18 about sin in the church and correcting a Christian brother. But does past abuses mean this teaching from Jesus should be left unpracticed? Church has a clear role to help a brother out of the entanglement of personal sin. We’ll need […]

Luke 6:27-36 – Love Your Enemies


Is there anything that more goes against our natural instinct than Jesus’ command to – love your enemy? It just doesn’t seem right or even healthy. What about justice? And who wants to become a human doormat? And yet it’s words from Jesus that he expects his followers to follow. And it’s a command that […]

Luke 10:25-37 – Love Your Neighbour


Being a good neighbour is often something we think about. But what does being a good neighbour look like and how do you define it? Does saying ‘Hi’ to the guy next door prove you are a good neighbour? In Luke 10 Jesus tells a story that outlines the type of neighbourly behaviour he expects […]

Luke 16:1-13 – God or Money


In our last of this Summer Series, we’re again looking at the radical and cutting teaching that He gives to his disciples. Jesus said ‘You cannot serve both God and money’. What Jesus is doing, is revealing that everyone has a religious heart – we all worship something and for many of us, we worship […]

Mark 3:13-21 & 31-35 – Your Family


It would seem good and virtuous to be pro-family. Certainly Christians can have the reputation of being pro-family. But at one point in his life, Jesus rejected his family and downplayed the importance of it! It’s right to honour our families but Jesus wants to show us the way of the Christian life that views […]

Mark 8:27-38 – Deny Yourself


Our Summer Series of bible talks is all about the serious and shocking things that Jesus taught his disciples. These might be well known sayings for Christians who know their bible, but do we actually live them out? Jesus said to his disciples that they must deny themselves. Such an instruction stings us deeply. And […]