Bible Talk Series

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Ruth – A Story In A Story


In the story of Ruth what really find is a story in a story. We have the story of two remarkably faithful individuals living in a world, much like our own, where ‘everyone does as he sees fit.’ In the middle of everyday sin and struggles we see the story of God at work to […]

Ruth 4 – Redemption That Gives Life


Love costs. Real love costs much. That’s what redemption is – paying a price to win someone back. As the remarkable man Boaz choose to redeem beautiful Ruth, get married and have a child, we see that God is like Boaz. A God whose love for us comes at the price of his Son.

Ruth 3 – Non-Random Acts Of Kindness


In this part of the story of Ruth, we discover a wedding proposal, an unusual and stunningly beautiful wedding proposal. We have much to learn from how the man Boaz goes about catching his woman. But this isn’t so much a story about romance, but about grace. And from the story we learn how God […]

Ruth 2 – Paying Forward God’s Love

Do you want to know what compassion, refuge and kindness looks like? Look to Boaz a man who reaches out to Ruth at a time of great vulnerability. It’s an example of the sort of love God has. It’s an example of the sort of love God’s people are to show when they know what […]

Ruth 1 – Coming Back To God

The story of Ruth is a tale of running away from God and the blessings he offers. It’s the story of coming back to God and knowing that he provides and redeems. At the heart of the story is beautiful, faithful Ruth. From Ruth will come a child who can bring salvation to us.