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Jonah 4 – Shocking Grace


Jonah hates what God is like. Jonah can’t stand it. He wants to die. And what does God do that brings Jonah to such a depressed state? God shows grace. Are we more like the Ninevites who know their desperate need to be saved, or are we more like Jonah who is full of judgement, […]

Jonah 3 – Revival in the City


Repentance is such a religious sounding word, but it is the key for restoration in any broken relationship. The ancient city of Nineveh made the decision to repent. Centuries later, Jesus Christ said ‘repent and believe in the good news’. We’ll exmine why true repentance is not a religious duty but a desire of the […]

Jonah 2 – Rescued From The Grave


Jonah is a man whose life spirals down, out of control, to the depths of despair. And it’s his own fault too – he tried to run away from God. And at his lowest point he faces death. But God shows grace and provides a remarkable rescue. A very big fish! Jonah can say ‘Salvation […]

Jonah 1 – Running the Wrong Way


The story of Jonah is an extraordinary ancient tale that’s meant to surprise and delight us. But even before we get to the famous moment of the very big fish, we meet Jonah as a runaway prophet. Jonah wants to go in the opposite direction to God’s command for him. But Jonah’s desperation to flee, […]