There used to be an old fashioned approach to children which went something like, ‘kids are meant to be seen but not heard’.  But come along on a Sunday morning to Eatons Hill Presbyterian Church and you’ll discover that’s definitely not the case with us!  Jesus himself had plenty of time for kids and that’s the type of church we want to be as well. We want children to be involved and we want to share in their excitement, laughter and sense of discovery. That’s where our special kids program ‘KidzBiz’ comes in.

KidzBiz is our Sunday morning kids program at Eatons Hill Presbyterian Church.  It’s a fun time of music, games and craft. And at the heart of our program the kids learn about God and Jesus Christ as the Bible is taught.  KidzBiz runs from 930-1030am, the same time as church. The kids are with the adults for the initial part of the church service (and we often have a special kids presentation for them), and then they go to their own age KidzBiz groups with tailor-made learning activities. We have a creche for the littlest ones and then our kidzbiz classes go up to grade 6.

KidzBiz Leaders
We have a fantastic team of volunteer leaders who prepare lesson material and then take the time to be with the kids to teach them and be positive role models for them. All our volunteers have a Queensland Government ‘blue card’ and are ‘childsafe certified’, an accreditation program that the Presbyterian Church of Queensland has established for all kids and youth ministry helpers.

Childsafe Website

Parents can come to KidzBiz too!
We understand that all kids are different – different personalities and different temperaments. Some kids will be happy to dive straight in and start making new friends. Other kids would prefer the security of having their parents with them for a time. So we invite parents to come along to Kidzbiz too if it would help your child feel at ease. For those parents with shy children, rest assured, we have a pretty good track record. Eventually all the kids get into the groove and start enjoying themselves at KidzBiz at Eatons Hill Presbyterian Church!

If you have questions about KidzBiz, please talk to our KidzBiz Coordinator, Kylie Buchanan.

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